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The Best Budget Bottles of Vodka, According to Bartenders — Shopping

So, you want to stock the home bar with a decent selection of spirits but you don't want to blow the bank. We hear you. That's why we've gone to experts to find their top picks for American whiskey, tequila, and vodka so you can have a respectable bar — and still have cash left for other important stuff.

If you're scared off by lower-priced vodkas, don't be, says Joseph Fredrickson, owner of Society Lounge in Cleveland. "Even the worst products now are better than what they had back in the day," he says. And it's kind of pointless to splurge anyway, given that it's probably going to end up in a cocktail. "Vodka's one of those things," he says. "We can argue all day if Aquafina tastes better than Glacier water but if you mix it with Kool-Aid can you tell a difference?"

And common distilling methods mean most vodkas will be fine these days, he says. So pick from any of these value vodkas and you're good to go!



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