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Pepperoni Pizza Parmesan Crisps

The NFL playoffs are this weekend so I am gathering some recipes to make my game day party super yummy and these pepperoni pizza parmesan crisps are on the menu! You know the cheese that escapes your grilled cheese sandwich, melts on the pan, gets all nice and crispy and good? Yes! I know, it's the best part of the grilled cheese sandwich! These parmesan chips are inspired by that! You just skip making a sandwich, place the cheese directly on a pan and bake it until it melts, turns golden brown and gets crispy! Yum!

For these cheese chips I going for a pizza theme so I use parmesan cheese which works really well as it melts and gets crispy really quickly, not to mention that parmesan is packed with flavour! I keep things simple and top these pizzas off with pepperoni and a pinch of oregano and red pepper flakes, but you can go wild and use your favourite pizza toppings. You need to restrain yourself a bit as the cheese needs to cool a little after coming out of the oven before it sets and gets crispy but then you are in melted cheese crisp heaven! I like to serve these pepperoni pizza parmesan crisps with some pizza sauce for dipping and I usually have to make a few batches as they tend to disappear quickly!

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