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5 Tips for Celebrating New Year's Eve When You Have Kids — New Year's Eve

Every year, my friends and I come together to celebrate the new year in the Hudson Valley. There are eight of us in total, and this four-family sleepover is my very favorite event of the year. With delicious food, lots of downtime, and a chance to sit and talk for hours, it's a perfect way to start each year feeling refreshed.

As kids have entered into the equation — there are now six between us! — things have gotten a bit trickier. But we've continued to hold onto this tradition of gathering around the table, telling stories, and eating and drinking good food and wine.

I know this year will be no different. The music may compete with the low hum of white noise coming in through dueling baby monitors, but we'll be too busy enjoying a gourmet dinner to mind.

Here's how we pull it off.



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