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5 Practical Things That Help You Make Time to Cook Dinner — Tips from The Kitchn

Many of us are swimming in the same proverbial soup — that mad dash between activities after work and/or school, and the shrinking window of time in which to prepare dinner. This became immediately apparent when my children reached school age and began activities such as soccer and karate in the evenings. But through all of this, I cook. Maybe it's stubborn, maybe it's smart. It's simply what feels right; it's my default move.

Even still, we need other moves when we feel crunched. The first one is to disabuse ourselves of the notion that every single dinner has to be completely homemade, all the way down to the perfectly sourced and prepped veggies. Go ahead and break that rule – you'll be happy you did.

Here are five more moves that can help you make time to cook.



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