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10 Grocery Items You Should Always Buy at IKEA — Plus 7 Other Good Picks — Shopping

It's no surprise those bags of frozen meatballs are a top seller at IKEA's U.S. stores. But the bright-blue tubes of Kalles Kaviar smoked fish roe spread? No way. Who buys those? Turns out, lots of people. In fact, they're the most popular of all IKEA's seafood products. And those bland-looking cylinders of dry crispbread? They're a best-seller too, as are those suspect-looking jars of pickled fish fillets. In fact, everything I've usually avoided in IKEA's "Swedish Market" grocery section is a top-seller for the chain's stateside stores. I had to wonder, is it the novelty factor? Or are there really that many Swedish ex-pats living in the States?

Or maybe that stuff is actually pretty good. The only way to know is to put them to the test, so I sampled IKEA's most popular products in six different categories, plus a few of the chain's newer items, in order to find the store's best groceries.



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