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Asparagus Noodle Carbonara

I have been having fun using vegetables as "noodles", like zucchini noodles (aka zoodles), and now that the asparagus is here I could not resist slicing up some asparagus to make asparagus noodles! Slicing the asparagus into noodles can be done with a vegetable peeler, a mandoline or just with a knife and although it […]

Recipe: Curried Egg Salad on Naan — Recipes from The Kitchn

Pin it I tend to forget that I usually have all the makings for egg salad in my refrigerator. It’s such an easy, protein-packed sandwich filling; one you can doctor up with new spices and ingredients. This version of egg salad is seasoned with warm curry spices, but instead of putting it between sandwich bread, […]

Yucatán-Style Pickled Red Onions in Sour-Orange Juice

These sweet, salty, and tangy pickled onions are the perfect accompaniment to braised, slow-roasted, or smoked meats. Use them in tacos, burritos, fajitas, or sandwiches. Get Recipe!

Yucatán-Style Hot Dried-Chili Salsa (K’uut Bi Ik)

With minimal preparation, you can have an intensely smoky, fruity, fiery salsa on the table to heat up any taco night (or anything else you want spicier, really). Get Recipe!

Easy Slow Cooker Chicken Fajitas

We’re in the home stretch!  At the close of the school day tomorrow, it’s officially summer here in the Carlisle household.  Every school year seems to fly by faster than the last, and this year, even the kids have noticed. … Continue reading → The post Easy Slow Cooker Chicken Fajitas appeared first on Chew […]

Recipe: Hazelnut-Rosemary Brittle  — Recipes from The Kitchn

Pin it There’s something so beautiful about brittle — especially the kind so clear you can see right through it. It takes a lot of sugar to make brittle, so I like to balance out all that sweetness with more savory flavors and ingredients. In this case, toasty hazelnuts and fresh rosemary perfume the crunchy […]

Ultra-Flavorful Fresh Limeade

With only two ingredients (three if you count water), this fresh limeade couldn’t be any simpler. It’s based on the technique for my no-cook Fresh Lemon Syrup, harnessing the power of citric acid to dissolve sugar without heat, while capturing the intense flavor of the limes’ essential oils. The result is a limeade with tons […]

Recipe: Rhubarb-Almond Snack Cake — Recipes from The Kitchn

Pin it Vibrant and tart, rhubarb is one of my favorite signs of spring. Rhubarb season is fleeting, though, so when you see the pink stalks, grab all you can! It’s a great ingredient to incorporate into cake — especially a dense, rich cake chock-full of almond paste and eggs like the one here. READ […]

Extra-Hot Yucatán-Style Roasted-Habanero Salsa (Chile Tamulado)

An incredibly fiery salsa from the Yucatán, made with charred garlic and habanero chilies. Use it sparingly on tacos, eggs, and anywhere you want a bit of brain-melting heat. Get Recipe!

Yucatecan Pork Belly and Cheese Tacos (Tacos de Castacán Con Queso)

Castacán is the Yucatecan version of crispy pork belly. These tacos, based on the ones I had at Wayan’e, a Mérida institution, are crisped up on a griddle, then topped with shredded cheese. As the cheese melts, it oozes into the cracks and spaces between the meat, binding the bits of pork belly together. The […]

Grilled Asparagus with Marinated Roasted Red Peppers, Feta and Kalamata Olives

Here's a new asparagus recipe to kick off the summer season, some grilled asparagus with marinated roasted red peppers, feta and kalamata olives. The idea came from when I was enjoying some marinated roasted red peppers recently and I thought that the sweet, tangy and salty combo of the roasted red peppers, feta and kalamata […]

Traveling with Tea: 5 Places I Learned to Love Through Their Tea — Tea Times

Chai Tea Cookies Pin it I began my tea-drinking habit early. At age 10, it was a handy excuse to linger at the dinner table and listen in on adult conversations. I drank Red Rose tea with milk and as much sugar as I could manage to toss in without my mom noticing. As I’ve […]

3 Smart Ways to Divide Cake Batter — Tips from The Kitchn

Chocolate Layer Cake Pin it Dividing cake batter between multiple pans can be a make-or-break situation. Pour a whole lot into one pan and whatever is left into the otherm and you may be left with two baked cakes with two very different heights, which will lead to a layer cake that tastes great, but […]

Style Wars: East Coast vs. West Coast Edition — Apartment Therapy

Pin it From Apartment Therapy → Tune Your Regional Style Radar: East Coast vs. West Coast READ MORE »

These 5 Stylish Layer Cakes Will Make Any Party More Magical — Stylish Layer Cakes from Tessa Huff

Pin it Julia Child famously said that a party without cake is just a meeting. Preach it, Julia. If you were to take one thing away from our story this week about layer cakes, it is that there is always a good reason to make and eat cake. From elaborate dinner parties to bridal brunches […]

Asparagus Recipes

The local asparagus season is in full swing which is great because it's one of my favourite foods! Asparagus is one of the first vegetables to show up after a long cold winter so I always enjoy its arrival and eating plenty of it! It is a very versatile vegetable that can be used in […]

7 Essential Tools for Making Any Cake Like a Pro — Tool Tips from The Kitchn

Meyer Lemon-Olive Oil Chiffon Cake Pin it Just as important as knowing how to make a great cake is having the right tools for the job and knowing how to use them. No matter what kind of cake you plan to bake, these seven tools (many of which you probably already have) will set you […]

Check Out Maxwell's New Sofa Collaboration with Interior Define — Apartment Therapy

Pin it Today is the official launch day for Maxwell’s new collaboration with Interior Define. It’s a hot new sofa collection that’s comfy, fresh, and more traditional than angular modern. From Apartment Therapy → Finally, See Maxwell’s New Sofa Totally Unboxed READ MORE »

The Maxwell Sofa Is Here! Learn All About the Design Process. — Apartment Therapy

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7 Tips for Baking the Ultimate Cake — Tips from The Kitchn

Funfetti Birthday Cake Pin it To me, there’s nothing better than a beautiful layered cake to mark an occasion, whether that’s a birthday or just a Saturday dinner at home with friends. Baking one can often seem a bit intimidating, but it’s not if you know the right tips and tricks. READ MORE »

Recipe: Carbonara Orzo Risotto  — Weeknight Dinner Recipes from The Kitchn

Pin it Do you love pasta carbonara, but get a little intimidated by the step that calls for thickening — not scrambling! — the pasta with eggs? Love risotto, but don’t want to spend all that time stirring at the stove? Here’s a much easier riff on both carbonara and risotto, made possible with the […]

Mr. Howell (Daiquiri With Scotch and Maple)

This Daiquiri variation gets a little boost from rich maple syrup and an extra-savory, smoky edge from half an ounce of peaty Islay Scotch. Get Recipe!

Triple Crown (Whiskey Sour Cocktail With Amaro)

Made with bourbon, fresh lemon, and citrusy Montenegro Amaro, this cocktail is a complex whiskey sour, packed full of flavor thanks to a pour of pamplemousse, a rich grapefruit liqueur. Get Recipe!

100-Year-Old Cigar (Rum, Scotch, and Cynar Cocktail)

If you gravitate toward stirred, spirit-focused drinks, you’ll love this rum and Scotch cocktail. Get Recipe!

Recipe: Spring Vegetable and Chicken Braise — Recipes from The Kitchn

Pin it You might be tired of heavy winter braises by now since spring is in full force, but that doesn’t mean you should retire the braising pot just yet. All the gorgeous spring vegetables still work beautifully in a quicker, lighter braise — one where you can still taste the unique flavors of each […]

The Ultimate Gluten-Free Angel Food Cake

It’s no secret that angel food cake and gluten don’t get along (ever notice how all your favorite recipes call for low-protein cake flour?), which is why I love this “flourless” variation. Get Recipe!

Salmon Rillettes With Chives and Shallots

While often made with pork, the French spread called rillettes is even more elegant (and easy) to make with salmon. This recipe folds poached and shredded salmon with mayo, cooked shallots, chives, and a touch of spices. It requires no special equipment, so you can whip it up in no time for a fancy hors […]

Skillet Chicken Parmesan with Artichokes

Well, this worked out nicely.  I received my latest issue of Food Network Magazine in the mail last week, and I opened it right up to this recipe. I made it, loved it, and now you get to have it. … Continue reading → The post Skillet Chicken Parmesan with Artichokes appeared first on Chew […]

The One Step You Shouldn't Skip Before Frosting a Cake — Baking Tips from The Kitchn

How To Make a Classic Carrot Cake Pin it If you’re anything like me, baking and assembling a frosted cake is one of the truest tests of my patience. You see, I am not a patient person, and as soon as I take my cake layers out of the oven, I want to frost them […]

12 Fun Ideas That Won't Break the Bank — Apartment Therapy

Pin it Being strapped for cash doesn’t mean that you have to stay at home, glum and bored. There are plenty of options for having fun, provided that you’re willing to put a bit of ingenuity and vim into the process. From Apartment Therapy → Tips for Having Fun When You Are Low on Cash […]

Recipe: Warm Beet and Farro Salad — Recipes from The Kitchn

Pin it I sometimes forget about beets, but then I spot my favorite, golden beets, at the store and can’t stop myself from buying some — even if I don’t have a set plan for them. And if they have the leafy tops attached? I’m definitely grabbing some since they come with a bonus bunch […]

Sopa de Lima (Yucatán-Style Lime Soup)

My wife, Adri, and I just got back from a week spent eating our way around Mérida and the rest of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula. Of all the things we ate, sopa de lima, the Mayan poultry and lime soup that’s popular up and down the Yucatán, seemed most easily adaptable to cooking back home. It’s […]

11 Modern Gold (and Copper!) Flatware Sets — Apartment Therapy

Pin it Gold has made a comeback in a big way; you can find beautiful, modern gold flatware in a huge variety of styles and price ranges. For those inclined to be adventurous, there are copper and rose gold options, too. We’ve rounded up some of the best. From Apartment Therapy → The Best Modern […]

Recipe: Rhubarb and Brown Sugar Skillet Pork Chops — Recipes from The Kitchn

Pin it Rhubarb is often thought of as an ingredient for sweets, and while I would never turn down a slice of strawberry-rhubarb pie, rhubarb can do double duty in the world of savory foods as well. Stew it with onions, spicy ginger, and some soy sauce, and now you have a tangy sauce that […]

Sautéed Asparagus

Sautéed whole asparagus spears don’t get as much play as blanched and grilled do, but they should. When done right, they have a deep, woodsy flavor that’s hard to beat. Plus, it’s easy to do. Here, they’re served with a bright, herbal caraway-yogurt sauce. Get Recipe!

Caraway-Yogurt Sauce for Vegetables

This is a bright, herbal caraway-yogurt sauce that works great with grilled or pan-roasted vegetables. Get Recipe!

Choco-Nana Bread

I have notoriously bad luck with banana bread.  Every time I try to bake a loaf, it’s either overbaked or raw in the middle.  Despite that, I haven’t given up trying to make a decent loaf, and when I realized the … Continue reading → The post Choco-Nana Bread appeared first on Chew Nibble Nosh.

What Is a Crumb Coat? — Tips from The Kitchn

Pin it Baking, frosting, and decorating beautiful cakes involves a whole set of terms that you won’t find used in other baking projects. One such term is a crumb coat. Let’s take a look at what that term means and why it’s important in the world of cake. READ MORE »

4 Easy Ways to Glam Up Inexpensive Tile — Apartment Therapy

Pin it Even if you can’t afford the budget-busting tile of your dreams, there are things you can do with less expensive tiles that will elevate them far above the ordinary. From Apartment Therapy → Easy Ways to Make Inexpensive Tile Stand Out READ MORE »

Recipe: Triple Lemon Fettucine Alfredo — Recipes from The Kitchn

Pin it When I want comfort food, sometimes only a plate of cheesy, creamy pasta will do. Fettuccine Alfredo satisfies all these cravings, but sometimes I can only eat a few bites before the flavors get a bit too monotonous and rich. Adding lemon and fresh dill, however, suddenly transforms it into a complex dish […]

Toasted Sugar

Toasting sugar in a low oven allows for a range of caramelization without ever sacrificing its crystalline structure. The result is a sort of “granulated caramel” that can be used in any recipe as a one-to-one substitution for plain sugar. A mere hour of toasting will dramatically tame the sugar’s sweetness, while extended periods of […]

Grilled Salmon Steak Medallions

Perhaps the trickiest thing about grilling salmon steaks are the belly flaps—the parts that look like little legs on each steak. Because they’re so thin, they cook the fastest and are easy to break when you attempt to turn or lift the steaks. By evening out the shape of the steaks into rounds, as we […]

3 Sanity-Saving Tips for Renovating Your Kitchen with IKEA Products — Apartment Therapy

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5 Essential Tips for Buying and Cooking Salmon Like a Pro — Tips from The Kitchn

Pin it Salmon is the darling, do-it-all fish of the seafood section. It delivers when you need a quick and simple weeknight meal, knows how to pull its weight as the star of a dinner party, and can even be a hands-off affair. This is the kind of fish you can rely on. Even if […]

A Guide to Keeping Bugs at Bay This Spring — Apartment Therapy

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5 Reasons Salmon Is the King of Weeknight Meals — Recipes from The Kitchn

The Fast, Easy, Tech-Free Way to Sous-Vide Salmon Pin it Chicken is okay. And that’s me being generous and specifically talking about chicken with the skin on, the bone in, and in the best-case scenario, a thigh over a chicken breast. (Don’t even get me started on boneless, skinless chicken breast.) And yet, chicken — […]

The Luxury of Lunch at the Department Store — Food and Ritual

Pin it For me, glamour is an onion. Not just one, but many more than you think you’ll need — thinly sliced, sautéed into caramel, soused in a broth and wine cocktail, dressed with baguette sops, and then all of it tucked under a thick blanket of toasted cheese and christened French onion soup. That […]

Cuban Mojo Grilled Pork Chops

Now that grilling season is here I have a new recipe for the grill for you, these tasty cuban style mojo grilled pork chops! These pork chops are super simple, you marinate them in a cuban style mojo sauce which is a sour orange sauce with plenty of garlic with some additional oregano and cumin! […]

Kitchen Makeover: A Bright, Blue Transformation — Apartment Therapy

Pin it Our kitchen is in the middle of the house, which means it doesn’t get much light, so we made some smart, colorful choices to brighten things up. From Apartment Therapy → Taylor’s Bright & Blue Kitchen Makeover READ MORE »

I Have Fish Bones in My Throat. Now What? — Safety Tips from The Kitchn

Pin it One of my favorite stories to tell about my brother Grahame is the time he thought a pin bone from a fillet salmon was going to be his demise. He missed the thin, flexible bone when he took a bite of salmon and it became uncomfortably lodged in his throat, making him so […]