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Taco Lime Grilled Shrimp

The taco lime grilled shrimp from the creamy avocado zucchini noodle pasta with taco lime grilled shrimp was so good that I just had to break it out into it's own recipe! I mean it's so nice and easy to make and oh so finger licking good! You can use it is a ton of […]

Crispy Smashed Potato Pancakes with Guacamole, Pico de Gallo, Bacon and Eggs

Tomorrow is Cinco de May and these crispy smashed potato pancakes with guacamole, pico de gallo, bacon and eggs are a great way to kick off the celebrations! The idea here is that you take some cooked potatoes and smash them down into pancake like discs, brush them with oil and bake them until the […]

What Are Some Things I Can Do with Chipped Beef? — Good Questions

Pin it Q: I received a package of chipped beef in my CSA this week. I’ve heard of creamed chipped beef, which is usually served on toast, but I have no idea what else I can do with this beef. Any suggestions? Sent by Olivia READ MORE »

Recipe: Mango Chicken Breakfast Sausage — Mother's Day Brunch Recipes from Heather Christo

Pin it Last year I spent a glorious week in Hawaii with my family, complete with a rather deluxe breakfast buffet. My husband was totally in heaven, but I typically find your average breakfast buffet a bit of a minefield. Given our allergies, I have to gently guide my daughters and myself past the sticky […]

Watch This Guy Eat an Ear of Corn in Under 10 Seconds — Food News

Pin it Eating an ear of corn is not an elegant task. During the summer, grilled corn is often smeared with lots of butter and doused in seasoning. Turning the corn in your hands takes time, the kernels get stuck in your teeth, and the butter gets all over your face. That’s why this guy’s […]

Simple Pepper Jelly Pork Chops

Back when my husband and I were first married, I remember buying a cookbook that boasted “Four Ingredient Meals”. I made a few things out of it, and then, somehow, the book disappeared.  I either threw it away out of … Continue reading → The post Simple Pepper Jelly Pork Chops appeared first on Chew […]

Love Avocados? You Need to Try Avocado Honey. — Daily Find 05.03.16

Pin it Avocado Honey • $12 We’re all firmly in agreement that avocados are one of the best foods ever. After all, they give us avocado toast and guacamole, and they play a key role in green goddess dressing. And avocados just keep on giving. Case in point: avocado honey. Believe us, you’ll want to […]

Meet Your New Favorite Lunch: Buffalo Chicken Summer Rolls — Delicious Links

Pin it As soon as the weather warms up, I add summer rolls back into my lunch rotation. They’re fast, fresh, and super versatile. I mean, really, you can fill them with whatever your heart desires — even buffalo chicken. READ MORE »

5 Rental Renovations That Landlords Actually Helped Pay For — Apartment Therapy

Pin it From Apartment Therapy → Hey, It Doesn’t Hurt to Ask! Real-Life Rental Renovations That Landlords Actually Helped Pay For READ MORE »

How Do I Get Rid of the White Residue on My Dishes? — Good Questions

Pin it Q: I have the white residue on my dishes after using the dishwasher. I was reading the advice from readers and will try the vinegar next. I have had the water tested … we don’t have hard water. I have cleaned the dishwasher running a dishwasher cleaner and tried vinegar. READ MORE »

Okonomiyaki (Japanese Cabbage Pancake)

VIEW SLIDESHOW: Okonomiyaki (Japanese Cabbage Pancake)

Effortless Angel Food Cake

Delicate, uber-fluffy angel food cake is one of the easiest recipes I know: Just throw some cold egg whites and sugar into a bowl, whip ’em up, and stop before they’re stiff. After that, it’s simply a matter of stirring cake flour into the glossy meringue and baking the whole thing off. With this approach, […]

Creamy Avocado Zucchini Noodle Pasta with Taco Lime Grilled Shrimp

Up first for this years menu of new recipes for Cinco de Mayo is a light, healthy and oh so tasty creamy avocado zucchini noodle pasta with taco lime grilled shrimp. This dish starts with a creamy avocado sauce with roasted tomatillos and a touch of spicy heat from a jalapeno chili pepper. Up next […]

5 Timeless Kitchen Trends You Can Count On — Apartment Therapy

Pin it From Apartment Therapy → 5 Kitchen Trends with Serious Staying Power READ MORE »

What Hot Mustard Should I Use in This Recipe? — Good Questions

Pin it Q: In the Cheesy Potato Breakfast Casserole with Cheddar and Tomatoes, what do you consider “hot mustard”? Dijon, English, dry mustard, grainy? Sent by Janet READ MORE »

Cinco de Mayo Recipes

Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner! Cinco de Mayo is a day celebrated in both the US and in Mexico. In the US it originated with Mexican-American communities in the American West as a way to commemorate the cause of freedom and democracy during the first years of the American Civil War and […]

A Simple (but Beautiful) Wedding-Day Brunch — Apartment Therapy

Pin it From Apartment Therapy → A Simple & Natural Bridal Brunch READ MORE »

Give Your Kitchen Scraps a Second Life with These 5 Tips — Tips from The Kitchn

Pin it Is your goal this week to use up every last bit of the items in your refrigerator and pantry before they go bad? We can help! Here are five tips and tricks to get you to use up the last bits of things you have lurking in your kitchen. READ MORE »

15 Temporary Backsplashes Perfect for Rental Kitchens — Apartment Therapy

Pin it With all the restrictions, rentals can be challenging to decorate and make your own, but the backsplash is one rental battleground where you can declare victory. From Apartment Therapy → 15 Ideas for Removable, DIY Kitchen Backsplashes READ MORE »

5 Fresh Flowers That Are Great for Drying — Apartment Therapy

Pin it Preserved flowers keep on giving. The long-lasting, low-maintenance loveliness these preserved blooms offer might sway those looking for the never-ending flower. From Apartment Therapy → Well-Preserved: Fresh Flowers that Dry Beautifully READ MORE »

Recipe: Blueberry-Lemon Skillet Cake — Recipes from The Kitchn

Pin it Have a hankering for cake? Skip the cake pan and break out your cast iron skillet! This breakfast-friendly cake has juicy blueberries and lemon, all in a light cornmeal batter. It’s a low-key way to get a sweet start to any day. READ MORE »

Freelance Contributors Wanted at The Kitchn — The Kitchn Is Hiring!

Pin it Do you love reading The Kitchn? Would you like to write for us? If you’re interested in working with us as a regular contributor, we’d love to hear from you! READ MORE »

Classic Sangrita With Orange Juice, Pomegranate, and Chili

Chasing a shot of tequila with lime is routine. But with good tequila, the best way to enjoy it is not as a shot, but sipped with sangrita—a bright, tart, spicy fruit drink—on the side. This one, based on a recipe by Jeffrey Morgenthaler, is closer to the original version, which was made with sour […]

Alfajores Con Cajeta (Vanilla Shortbread With Goat’s Milk Toffee)

Flecked with vanilla seeds throughout the dough, alfajores are the perfect excuse to whip up a batch of vanilla bean cajeta—a goat’s milk variation on dulce de leche. The combination of sticky toffee-sauce and buttery shortbread can’t be beat, but it can be improved upon. My recipe replaces traditional cornstarch with tapioca starch, keeping the […]

Salsa Ranchera

Cinco de Mayo is quickly approaching and I have been thinking about recipes for it starting with this classic one for a salsa ranchera. Salsa ranchera, or ranch style salsa, is a salsa that is made with a base of roasted tomatoes and chilies that is typically served warm and it has a thick soup […]

Huevos Rancheros

Huevos rancheros, or ranch style eggs, are a great way to use up leftover tortillas, refried beans and salsa, or as the case is more often for me, the perfect excuse to make some. Huevos rancheros typically consist of crispy fried tortillas topped with refried beans, salsa ranchera and a nice fried egg with a […]

Mediterranean Chicken Skillet with Zucchini, Chickpeas, Olives and Tomatoes

Fast, fresh, and healthy. That’s exactly what this meal is, and I love that something so colorful and fresh can come together this quickly and taste so darn good. I’d made this meal before, and we’d really enjoyed it, so I … Continue reading → The post Mediterranean Chicken Skillet with Zucchini, Chickpeas, Olives and Tomatoes […]

8 Stylish Dining Sets for Tiny Outdoor Spaces — Apartment Therapy

Pin it We rounded up eight outdoor furniture sets that can each seat two people for a quaint meal outside (on even the smallest of balconies). From Apartment Therapy → 8 Itty-Bitty Outdoor Dining Sets Big on Style, Not Space READ MORE »

Clamato Sangrita With Jalapeño and Coriander

Chasing a shot of tequila with lime is routine. But with good tequila, the best way to enjoy it is not as a shot, but sipped with sangrita—a bright, tart, spicy fruit drink—on the side. While the original was made without tomato, this version references the tomato-spiked sangritas most common today by combining Clamato with […]

Easy Nixtamalized Corn Tortillas

The key to great tacos is great tortillas, but all too often, the tortillas are the worst part. Turns out, once you’ve bought the two key ingredients, making nixtamalized corn dough for tortillas is incredibly easy. This recipe, designed for home cooks, requires dried corn, slaked lime (an alkali that improves the corn’s digestibility and […]

What's the Difference Between Lamb and Mutton? — Word of Mouth

How To Roast a Leg of Lamb Pin it While mutton is a popular meat in the Middle East and Europe, it’s not particularly common in North America. So when you stumble across it on restaurant menus and at your local butcher, do you actually know what it is? You may have heard that it’s […]

9 Ways to Use a Magnetic Knife Rack (That Don't Involve Knives) — Apartment Therapy

Pin it Here’s a whole slew of ways people have used magnetic knife racks to make organizing easy. From Apartment Therapy → All the Ways You’ve Never Thought To Use Magnetic Knife Racks READ MORE »

Recipe: Sheet-Pan "Half English" Breakfast — Breakfast Recipes from The Kitchn

Pin it Baking sheets (aka sheet pans) are now touted as the miracle cookware that can cook your whole dinner, but what about breakfast? When an idea for making a sheet-pan breakfast came up, I jumped at the chance to try it out. Here we present to you the hands-down easiest way to make a […]

Cajeta Casera (Homemade Goat’s Milk "Caramel")

If you’ve never tasted cajeta, you’re in for a luscious surprise—a thick, gooey sauce reminiscent of dulce de leche, but exponentially more complex. My method will reduce a quart of goat’s milk down to a half cup in less than an hour, concentrating its flavor and consistency. Drizzle it over your favorite ice cream, use […]

Creamy Roasted Red Pepper and Spinach Goat Cheese Skillet Chicken

Read the recipe »

21 Ways to Use Lemons Around the House — Apartment Therapy

Pin it Lemons are an ace all-natural cleaning agent to use around the house. Here are 21 ways to use them. From Apartment Therapy → 21 Things You Can Do With Lemons and Lemon Juice (That Don’t Involve Food) READ MORE »

Recipe: Egg and Chorizo Breakfast Casserole — Breakfast Recipes from The Kitchn

Pin it Last year I made Faith’s baked Denver omelet and, after I tasted it, mentally smacked my forehead and wondered why I didn’t make something like this more often. A baked omelet is essentially a crustless quiche — substantial enough to be a filling breakfast, without the heaviness of the added crust in a […]

Mujaddara: Rice and Lentils with Crispy Onions

This is one of those meals that, ever since I made it, I’ve wished I hadn’t run out of leftovers.  It’s that good.  I first tried Mujaddara, basically the Middle Eastern version of beans and rice, when I was visiting … Continue reading → The post Mujaddara: Rice and Lentils with Crispy Onions appeared first […]

Spicy Pineapple-Cucumber Sangrita

Chasing a shot of tequila with lime is routine. But with good tequila, the best way to enjoy it is not as a shot, but sipped with sangrita—a bright, tart, spicy fruit drink—on the side. While the original was made with sour oranges and pomegranate, this one blends tropical pineapple juice with just a hint […]

Grapefruit Sangrita With Chipotle and Honey

Chasing a shot of tequila with lime is routine. But with good tequila, the best way to enjoy it is not as a shot, but sipped with sangrita—a bright, tart, spicy fruit drink—on the side. While the original was made with sour oranges and pomegranate, this one blends bitter grapefruit juice with honey and smoky […]

Why Spring Garlic Is the Best Garlic — Ingredient Spotlight

Pin it I have trouble imagining my kitchen without garlic. Like onions and lemons, it’s a staple that I always have on hand, regardless of the time of year. While you may be able to purchase it year-round, the truth is, garlic does have a season. And come spring, what I have trouble imagining my […]

Recipe: Classic Corned Beef Hash — Breakfast Recipes from The Kitchn

Pin it I’m probably like most people and only cook corned beef once a year, on St. Patrick’s Day, but I’ve always wondered why I don’t make it more often. Since I use a slow cooker, this comforting dinner is mostly hands-off and pretty easy. What I really enjoy most is turning the leftovers into […]

Chiles Rellenos (Mexican-Style Cheese-Stuffed Chilies)

Chiles rellenos—Mexican-style stuffed and fried peppers in a roasted-tomato salsa—was one of the first dishes I learned how to cook, using my dad’s method. It mostly involved cans. Both my recipe and my technique have improved since those early days: I’ve experimented with various chili-roasting methods and dozens of batter recipes and techniques, and I’ve […]

Thai Peanut Chicken Avocado Burritos

After teasing you a while ago with photos of these tasty Thai style peanut chicken and avocado burritos on Instagram, I finally bring you the recipe and it was well worth the wait! (I often post previews of upcoming recipes on Instagram so follow Closet Cooking on Instagram to see what's coming!) These burritos were […]

Don't Throw That Away! 5 Recipes to Use Up Your Kitchen Scraps — Recipes from The Kitchn

Pin it I was telling a friend recently that I like to leave the oven open to cool in the winter — after I’ve turned it off, of course. My friend laughed and told me about her college roommate who did the same thing. His justification? “I already paid for that heat. It’s mine!” Exactly. […]

Spring Recipes

Spring took it's time showing up here this year but now that we have had a few days of warm weather (It's above freezing and there's no snow!) I feel like it's finally here! What's more is that I am finally seeing some spring produce in the grocery stores and that brings with it the […]

A Printable Adult Coloring Page for Asparagus Lovers — Coloring for Grown-Ups

Pin it Is there a more vibrant harbinger of spring than asparagus? When the bright green stalks pop up at the farmers market, you know winter is ready to make its retreat. It’s a sign that warmer days and greener vegetables are just ahead. READ MORE »

What Does Kosher for Passover Mean? — Word of Mouth

How To Make the Easiest Coconut Macaroons Pin it Around this time every year, you’ll notice big displays at the supermarket piled high with matzo, gefilte fish, macaroons, and other items labeled “Kosher for Passover.” But for the uninitiated, what does that actually mean? READ MORE »

Tips for Keeping Feline Friends Off Kitchen Counters — Apartment Therapy

Pin it An all-too-familiar scenario: Your beloved cat does its business in the litter box, licks itself a bit, and then proceeds to hop up on the kitchen counters right where you’re preparing dinner. From Apartment Therapy → Tips for Keeping Cats Off Kitchen Counters READ MORE »

Treat Your Leaves Right: 4 Rules for Storing Tea — Tips from The Kitchn

Pin it I am most definitely someone who geeks out a little on tea. Since I don’t drink coffee, tea is my hot beverage of choice, whether I need a little nudge from caffeine in the morning or something to calm and soothe me in the afternoon. Over the years, I have acquired quite the […]