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Recipe: Rotisserie Chicken Coconut Curry Soup — Recipes from The Kitchn

There are times when only classic chicken noodle soup will do, and then there are other times when you crave chicken noodle soup 2.0 — this is for the latter. It takes the elements of the traditional soup, but spices it up with Thai flavors, all while keeping it simple enough to throw together on […]

The Best Way to Make an Outdoor Party Actually Feel Comfortable — Party of the Day

When I think tailgate, I think cans of beer, screaming fans with painted faces, and processed cheese. I always wish I could partake in the festivities and merriment — just in a way that feels a bit more comfy. The solution? Bring your rugs outside! While this boho-chic tailgate party from Style Blue Print is […]

10 Easy Ways to Turn Marshmallows into Halloween Treats — 10 Tiny Recipes

(Image credit: Lauren Volo) The best part about Halloween isn’t dressing up in costume or watching scary movies — it’s eating the treats. While enjoying a handful of your favorite fun-sized candy bars is the easiest way to celebrate the holiday, getting a little crafty is always fun — especially when there are sticky-sweet marshmallows […]

Tradewinds Negroni (Angostura, Sweet Vermouth, and Cointreau Cocktail)

Justin Elliott of The Townsend in Austin created this spicy variation on the Negroni using equal parts sweet vermouth, Cointreau, and Angostura bitters. That’s right: It’s a lot of Angostura bitters. Get Recipe!

Navy-Strength Negroni Sour

You can make sours with whiskey, you can make sours with pisco, you can make sours with pretty much any spirit. So why not use an undiluted Negroni as the base spirit for your sour? Get Recipe!

Midnight Stroll (Rye, Campari, and Ramazzotti Cocktail)

This cocktail starts with an ample pour of rye whiskey, layered with rich red Campari. It’s finished with a mix of orange liqueur and cinnamon-y, cardamom-y Amaro Ramazzotti, for a drink that’s a bit less fruity than a Boulevardier, with a kick of spice. Get Recipe!

Unusual Negroni (Aperol, Lillet, and Gin Cocktail)

A lighter, mellower Negroni, made with Aperol and Lillet. Get Recipe!

8 Rules for Bringing Food to Friends — From Me to You

Bringing food to friends is one of the joyous chores of adult relationships: you get to celebrate new babies, grieve with your best people, and share in nourishing your circle through food. There are some guidelines for bringing food to new parents or sick work friends, but there are also commandments to make the most […]

The Dynamic Duo of a Winning Vegan Quiche — Tips from The Kitchn

A vegan quiche sounds like a bit of an oxymoron. Since the base of any good quiche is plenty of milk, eggs, and cheese, how can a vegan quiche even be possible — let alone palatable? Two simple ingredients hold the key to success. <p><a href=’http://www.thekitchn.com/the-dynamic-duo-of-a-winning-vegan-quiche-234878′><strong>READ MORE »</strong></a></p>

Colombian Hot Sauce (Aji Picante)

A Colombian style hot sauce with plenty of cilantro and green onions that tis perfect for soup, rice, beans, empanadas, etc. Read the recipe »

Colombian Chicken and Corn Soup (Ajiaco)

Today I have a tasty chicken and corn soup recipe for you; Ajiaco, a Columbian style soup with a nice, thick and creamy broth! This soup is amazingly fresh with the corn, cilantro, avocado and lime juice and it's also nice and hearty with the chicken and potatoes! Typically papa criolla, a type of potato, […]

Drunk Uncle (Scotch and Cynar Cocktail)

Peaty Scotch, such as Laphroaig, gives this drink a woodsy character that’s emphasized by swapping the standard Campari for Cynar, a vegetal, bittersweet liqueur. Get Recipe!

Swiss Cartel (Tequila Negroni Cocktail)

This tequila variation on the classic Negroni cocktail is smooth and almost butterscotch-y. Get Recipe!

Mela d’Alba (Apple Brandy Negroni)

This apple brandy–based variation on the classic Negroni cocktail is spicy, rich, and bittersweet. Get Recipe!

Can You Spot the Ingenious Storage Space in This Kitchen? — Organizing

Look down. Like, almost way down. Do you see it? Here’s a hint: We’ll stop tip-toeing around the answer. <p><a href=’http://www.thekitchn.com/can-you-spot-the-ingenious-storage-space-in-this-kitchen-237548′><strong>READ MORE »</strong></a></p>

R Is for Roasted Chickpeas — The ABCs of Chickpeas

Nuts usually take first place when it comes to a crunchy snack that you can pick at anytime, but we’re making the case for roasted chickpeas instead. Be it at a bar or a fancy cocktail party, roasted chickpeas can play the same role that nuts play. <p><a href=’http://www.thekitchn.com/r-is-for-roasted-chickpea-234874′><strong>READ MORE »</strong></a></p>

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Freezing Soup — Tips from The Kitchn

Keep a few containers of homemade soup in the freezer and suddenly the long winter ahead doesn’t seem so bad after all. That’s because you can rest assured that you have a solid supply of sustenance to warm you to your bones. It’s easy enough to make a double batch of your favorite and squirrel […]

Baked Bacon for a Crowd

Cooking bacon for one or two people is easy: Just grab a pan and cook over moderately low heat until it’s as crisp as you want it. The problem comes when you’re trying to cook bacon for a crowd, which is when we switch to the oven. But what’s the best way to cook it […]

Sturdy Royal Icing for Gingerbread Houses

There are a lot of different types of royal icing out there, but if you’re building and decorating a gingerbread house, you’ll want one that’s relatively low in moisture. That ensures it will dry out fast, which will keep your designs from smudging and your walls from budging (if you’ll pardon the rhyme). Get Recipe!

Light and Creamy Cauliflower Sauce

I use this cauliflower sauce all the time both by itself and as an ingredient in other recipes and I thought that it was about time that I shared it! This cauliflower sauce is a really simple, quick, easy, light, healthy and most importantly, tasty, sauce that literally only takes a few minutes to make! […]

Light and Creamy Cauliflower Alfredo Linguine

Alfredo pasta is such a decadent treat with all of the butter, cream and parmesan cheese and although I want to be able to enjoy it every night I know that's probably not the best idea… So how about a lighter and healthier version that you can eat every night? How about one that uses […]

Monster Cookies

I’m all for elaborate holiday recipes, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes life gets in the way and you want to have something special for, oh let’s say, Halloween, but you’re short on time and energy.  That’s when adding a … Continue reading → The post Monster Cookies appeared first on Chew Nibble Nosh.

A Kinda Classic Soundtrack for a Romantic Date Night In — Date Night In

So you and your boo have decided to stay in instead of going out. Good call! What’s more romantic than cooking and enjoying a good meal together? It doesn’t have to be complicated, nor does it have to be perfect. In fact, kitchen missteps often make for some of the most memorable nights. (Consider Bridget […]

5 Couples Share Their Best Date-Night Dishes — Date Night In

Do you have a go-to recipe for date night in with your honey? Maybe it’s something easy that never fails to wow. Perhaps it’s something that can be made the night before, so when date night rolls around, you can spend more time canoodling. Or maybe you like to mix things up and experiment with […]

Recipe: Ina Garten's Devil’s Food Cake — Recipes from The Kitchn

(Image credit: Quentin Bacon) No date night in would be complete without a special dessert. This showstopping chocolate layer cake from Ina Garten’s new cookbook, Cooking for Jeffrey, comes with a make-ahead strategy so you can end your evening on a sweet note, without breaking a sweat. <p><a href=’http://www.thekitchn.com/recipe-ina-gartens-devil-s-food-cake-237269′><strong>READ MORE »</strong></a></p>

Construction Gingerbread

This recipe makes enough gingerbread to fill a half sheet pan, so, before getting started, sit down with your template and figure out how many trays you’ll need, then multiply accordingly (up to a quadruple batch, depending on the capacity of your bowl). Construction gingerbread is foremost sturdy and strong, but my version doesn’t taste […]

Recipe: Classic Bundt Meatloaf — Blessed Bundts

There’s already something retro and charming about a meatloaf. Under usual circumstances, this loaf-shaped supper doesn’t care whether it’s a looker or not, because everyone knows it’s going to fill you up with classic comfort food. But that doesn’t mean we can’t change up the presentation. In this recipe for meatloaf, we take a break […]

5 Tips for Writing a Thoughtful Handwritten Note — From Me to You

Amid the flurry of rapid-fire text messages and emails we receive on a daily basis, there’s something magical about getting a handwritten note. Maybe it’s the thrill of holding a tangible piece of mail or maybe it’s just knowing someone took the time to sit down and put pen to paper. Either way, it’s a […]

5 Ways to Set the Mood for Date Night In — Date Night In

My husband is down for date night any night of the week — as long as we do it at home. Once he gets home from work or a busy weekend day, my chances of getting him to leave (and put on pants) again are slim to none. But that’s not to say that we […]

A Modern Tea Party (No Doilies!) — Party of the Day

Tea Tasting Party (Image credit: Oh Happy Day) Take everything you think you know about a tea party. Got it? Now, throw it all out the window (an imaginary window, of course!). With its classy chic decor and savvy tasting menu, this modern tea party from Oh Happy Day takes the traditional tea party from […]

Pumpkin Streusel Muffins

Nothing could be cozier than the scent of pumpkin spice muffins coming from the kitchen on a crisp autumn morning (and these muffins are so easy, it could be a weekday morning, at that). They’re tender, fragrant, and pillowy-soft, with a buttery crown of toasted pumpkin seeds, chewy rolled oats, and a touch of brown […]

Classic, Savory Shepherd’s Pie (With Beef and/or Lamb)

Shepherd’s pie, the British casserole of minced meat and vegetables topped with buttery mashed potatoes, delivers perfection in every bite. This version features extra-rich and creamy mashed potatoes and a hearty, carrot- and pea-studded meat sauce, made ever so slightly in the style of a classic Italian ragù. Get Recipe!

Sous Vide Leg of Lamb With Black Olives

A butterflied leg of lamb is ideal for stuffing and rolling with other ingredients, and, because lamb is so robustly flavored on its own, you don’t have to be shy or subtle about it. Today we’re stuffing a lamb leg with a paste of black olives, garlic, and parsley, then cooking it sous vide for […]

Spinach and Artichoke Stuffed Chicken

It's time for a quick and easy one-pan chicken recipe, spinach and artichoke stuffed chicken! Yes, that's right, chicken stuffed with spinach and artichoke dip! Spinach and artichoke dip is one of my all time favourite foods and it's always fun to serve it for dinner! This skillet stuffed chicken recipe is so nice and […]

Halloween Dip-Dyed Marshmallows — 10 Spooky Marshmallow Treats

Looking for a Halloween treat you can give as a sweet little gift? With a bit of food coloring and a tiny bit of artistic direction, you can turn marshmallows into colorful treats that are as enjoyable to make as they are to eat. <p><a href=’http://www.thekitchn.com/halloween-dip-dyed-marshmallows-236356′><strong>READ MORE »</strong></a></p>

The Easiest Way to Create a Backyard Bonfire — Party of the Day

A Backyard Ghost Story Soirée (Image credit: Burlap and Lace) A good ghost story is hard to resist — especially as Halloween gets closer and closer — and obviously, a cozy bonfire plays a big part in any scary tale. But what to do if you don’t have a fire pit? If you’re Shannon Smith, […]

O Is for Onion Rings — The ABCs of Chickpeas

Here’s a trick to achieving onion ring perfection. The key is not beer batter (although I’ll admit that’s pretty tasty) — instead, it’s a batter made with some help from an ingredient you might not expect. <p><a href=’http://www.thekitchn.com/o-is-for-onion-rings-234871′><strong>READ MORE »</strong></a></p>

Now This Is How You Make White Cabinets Pop — Organize the IKEA Way

Roy & Liane’s Design-Build Home (Image credit: Apartment Therapy ) People either love white cabinets or they hate ’em. Some folks think white uppers and lowers can provide sleek, blank slates to start a room; others think white is far too boring. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, you should be able to […]

Pressure Cooker Tomato Sauce

The pressure cooker gives you a red sauce with all-day flavor on a weeknight schedule. Get Recipe!

Apple-icious Recipes

One of my favourite things about fall is that it's apple season! Apples are amazing for snacking on and they can be used as an ingredients in a wide variety of dishes both fresh and cooked. You really can't go wrong adding some fresh diced apples to a salad and they bring a nice crisp […]

Eat and Drink Like a Local in Stockholm — Video from Kitchn

Stockholm is known for its famous meatballs, but there is so much more to the delicacies of Sweden. If you’re planning a trip to this city and are trying to determine the best places to eat and drink, we’ve got you’ve covered. On the streets of Stockholm, we learned where to find all those hidden […]

5 Tips for Turning Your Rotisserie Chicken into Soup — Souped Up

A rotisserie chicken just may be the best grocery store shortcut on the planet. Pick one up and you’re looking at multiple stress-free dinners and lunches. When it comes to making a quick pot of soup, it’s a no brainer — having the meat already cooked means that you can have a slow-simmered taste in […]

What Is Dashi, and How Should You Use It Beyond Miso Soup? — The Asian Soup Pot

Think of dashi as a delicate vegetable broth. Japanese cooking uses this cornerstone ingredient in much of the cuisine — so much so, that Japanese cooks make dashi daily or rely on dashi powder or packets to prepare the broth. Dashi can not be replaced or replicated with any other stock or broth, making it […]

What's the Difference Between Split Peas and Lentils? — Word of Mouth

(Image credit: Christine Gallary) I remember this one time I didn’t label my purchases from the bulk bin, and I couldn’t remember what was in the bag. Were they split peas or lentils? These cute little dried legumes are both healthy and delicious, but it’s worth knowing their varieties and differences. Read on to find […]

Stop! Don't Cook Ramen Noodles Like Pasta — The Asian Soup Pot

Your Guide to Picking the Best Noodles for Any Type of Soup (Image credit: Kelli Foster) We have some very specific thoughts on the best way to cook pasta, and we’ve even recommended cooking grains like pasta. The same approach doesn’t apply to ramen, however. Despite their likeness to one another, ramen noodles and pasta […]

Are You the Kind of Cook Who Keeps a Bag of Bones in the Freezer? — Souped Up

How To Make Chicken Stock in the Slow Cooker (Image credit: Emma Christensen) As we head into soup season (otherwise known as fall and winter), I believe we are divided into two camps of home cooks: those who keep a bag of bones in the freezer and those who don’t (yet!). Which camp do you […]

How To Make Olive Garden-Style Garlic Breadsticks — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn

Open Baking Lesson window.ATGalleries = window.ATGalleries || {}; window.ATGalleries[52277] = {“id”:52277,”type”:”Baking Lesson”,”images”:[{“image_id”:”18045d3beac7370ecb2272f034e4574203f577dc”,”caption”:”\u003cb\u003eProof the yeast:\u003c/b\u003e In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with a dough hook, combine the yeast, sugar, and milk and mix at low speed just until the yeast is dissolved, 10 seconds. Let stand in the mixer until the mixture is foamy, […]

Italian Buck (Amaro and Ginger Beer Highball)

This fizzy, spicy, sweet-tart, and bitter drink was created by Jamie Boudreau of Canon in Seattle, and appears in Amaro by Brad Thomas Parsons. It’s a little like a bitter, gutsy take on a Dark ‘n Stormy, but instead of rum, the drink is made with two bittersweet Italian liqueurs: orangey Montenegro and vegetal Cynar. […]

Broccoli Cheese Soup

In the world of cheaty foods, broccoli cheese soup has always seemed like one of the cheatiest. There’s nothing wrong with owning it: Cheese is delicious, and not every single lunch has to be virtuous. Still, I sometimes wish that the broccoli part of the whole thing was taken a little more seriously, if only […]

Baked Potato Stuffed with Ham and Melted Gruyère — Miracle Meals

Inspired by the decadent croque-monsieur sandwich, this meal-worthy baked potato is stuffed with ham and a thick topping of Gruyère cheese that’s melted to perfection after a minute under the broiler. <p><a href=’http://www.thekitchn.com/baked-potato-stuffed-with-ham-and-melted-gruyere-236620′><strong>READ MORE »</strong></a></p>