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Creamy Avocado Dressing (aka Guacamole Buttermilk Dressing)

For a new salad that I have been thinking about I wanted a nice and cool and creamy dressing and I was thinking about trying something a little bit different, an avocado dressing. I am so totally addicted to avocados and I am always looking for new ways to enjoy them! I was originally planning […]

Avocado BLT Pasta Salad

I can't believe that summer is going by so quickly! This weekend is the last long weekend of the summer and it's a great opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy the warm weather while it lasts! If you are planning on having a picnic, throwing a party of having a get together do I ever […]

A Case for Brining Fish (and Glazing It with Plum Jam) — Delicious Links

Pin it Easing back into the swing of things on Monday is always hard, but that’s no excuse for not whipping up a nutritious, delicious dinner when you get home from work. Luckily, this recipe for plum-glazed salmon exists. READ MORE »

The Mistake New Grillers Always Make — Tips from The Kitchn

Pin it Grilling used to be a very mysterious way of cooking to me, but over the past few years, I’ve slowly become more confident at the grill. I’ve even taken on larger projects, like using it as a rotisserie and deep-frying on it. I also live in a building with a communal grill, and […]

Tzatziki Sauce (Greek Cucumber Salad)

Tzatziki is a Greek meze or appetizer that is made from strained yogurt, cucumber and garlic. Optional ingredients include herbs such as dill, mint and/or parsley and lemon juice is also common. If you are feeling daring you can even hit it up with a splash of ouzo. In addition to being served as an […]

50 Late Summer Recipes

Summer may almost be over but there is still plenty of great late summer produce around including some of my favourites like tomatoes, eggplant, red peppers, corn, cauliflower, broccoli and green beans. In addition to all of the summer produce we already have some fall items showing up including apples, pears and winter squash so […]

How To Cook Eggs in an Electric Pressure Cooker — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn

Pin it Open Cooking Lesson The pressure cooker is an old-fashioned appliance that is enjoying a renaissance of sorts, and there are many good reasons why. Chief among them is the fact that it just cooks so many foods so well; if you have a pressure cooker, you know what I mean. You probably had […]

Fresh Recipes for 5 of Our Favorite Weeknight Meal Templates — Recipes from The Kitchn

Pin it Open Slideshow Earlier this week I shared 20 weeknight meal templates, which assign a food theme to each night of the week and are an easy way to think about meal planning. Once you have your template down, it’s time to nail down your recipes. Here are recipes to go with our five […]

5 Vegetarian Grain Bowls for a Week of Winning Fall Dinners — Meal Plans from The Kitchn

Pin it For this week-long dinner series, I came up with five different grain bowls, each filled with a generous variety of grains, veggies, sauces, and toppings. They’re warm and filling, and also take full advantage of late-summer produce — the perfect way to transition into fall and the cooler days ahead. READ MORE »

Recipe: Homemade Almond Butter with Honey & Cinnamon — But First, Breakfast!

Pin it Toast is certainly having a moment. Avocado toast is popping up on numerous cafe menus around our city, and I’ve been to a number of spots that serve toast with nut butters “made in-house.” And while I love a crusty slice of toasted bread slathered thick with almond butter, I often scoff at […]

15 Awesome Kitchen Makeover Projects — Apartment Therapy

Pin it We love a good transformation, and some of the biggest happen in the kitchen. Here are 15 of our favorite kitchen makeovers sent in from our readers that are sure to inspire you to get cooking. From Apartment Therapy → Before & After: 15 Kitchen Makeover Projects from Our Readers READ MORE »

What to Read This Weekend — Food News: August 24 – 30

What’s Aquaoir? Aging Wine in the Ocean Would You Trade Your Morning Cup of Coffee for a Gummy Chewable? Guess Who These Colorful Plates & Utensils Were Designed For You Can Now Make a Coffee Cup Out of Coffee Watch This Kid Pretend to Like Getting an Avocado as a Gift Long-Married Couple Eats Bite […]

5 Essential Tips for Keeping Your Refrigerator Clean and Organized — Cleaning Tips from the Kitchn

Pin it Your refrigerator is probably the most-used appliance in your kitchen, so it’s only natural to encounter spills, drips, sticky spots, and food debris. It happens to even the cleanest of cooks; the key is knowing these five essential tips that will keep it clean and organized year-round. READ MORE »

Pork Chops with Fresh Tomatoes, Onion, Garlic, and Feta

 Before I get into the heart of this recipe, let me just state that this tomato-onion-garlic-basil concoction is delicious on pork chops.  It would be delicious over chicken, or delicious over fish.  It would be delicious served over sliced baguette … Continue reading → The post Pork Chops with Fresh Tomatoes, Onion, Garlic, and Feta […]

Zucchini and Feta Breakfast Casserole

I certainly have been enjoying zucchini season and up next I have a Greek flavour inspired zucchini and feta breakfast casserole! I always enjoy a tasty savoury breakfast over a sweet one and it's nice to be able to sneak pack some seasonal veggies into it. This breakfast casserole has a base of eggs and […]

Rent Our Office! (It Comes with a View of the Manhattan Bridge) — Calling All New Yorkers

Pin it Apartment Therapy Media is moving on up to a new floor of our New York City/Soho office building on October 1, and our current space is up for grabs! BONUS: We share the office with an amazing company, who is separated by a glass partition. READ MORE »

Classic Caprese Salad

There’s really nothing to it: Get the absolute best-quality tomatoes, olive oil, basil, and mozzarella you can find, put them on a plate, sprinkle with salt and pepper, drizzle with olive oil, and serve. The hardest part is resisting the temptation to add anything else, but stay strong and step away from the balsamic vinegar. […]

Clarified Butter

Clarified butter is pure butterfat, minus the water and milk proteins found in normal butter, which means it’s much less likely to burn and spoil. Here’s the easiest method for at-home cooks. Get Recipe!

Lomo al Trapo (Colombian-Style Cloth-Wrapped Grilled Beef Tenderloin)

Literally translated as “beef tenderloin in a towel,” lomo al trapo is made by wrapping a big chunk of beef tenderloin in a thick crust of salt swaddled in a towel, tying it up, and throwing it directly on a fire until it’s cooked. It’s one of the easiest, most foolproof, primally delicious, and downright […]

5 Things You Must Have for Washing Dishes in Your Dorm — Dorm Cooking

Pin it Even if you’re just microwaving soup, popping popcorn, or making mac and cheese, you’ll have to do dishes at some point in your college dorm room. And unless you’re living in a suite with a kitchenette, it’s going to be a pain. Hopefully you’ll have a separate sink for washing dishes, but if […]

The Right Way to Get Rid of Toxic Items in Your Home — Apartment Therapy

Pin it Do you have toxic items you’re no longer using hanging around your home? Check out our resource guide for handy tips on where and how to properly dispose of hazardous items in your home. From Apartment Therapy → How To Dispose of Toxic Items from Your Home READ MORE »

Tomato Powder From Tomato Skins

Rather than discard leftover tomato skins (from, say, your recent batch of coulis), we like dehydrating them in the microwave for a quick and easy tangy-sweet powder that’s great for rimming cocktail glasses, sprinkling on fried food, pizza, pasta, or fresh mozzarella. Get Recipe!

Scallion Powder From Scallion Greens

Rather than discard leftover scallion greens, we like dehydrating them in the microwave for a quick and easy grassy-sweet powder that’s great for rimming cocktail glasses, sprinkling on fried food, pizza, pasta, or fresh mozzarella. Get Recipe!

5 Nut-Free Alternatives to Peanut Butter — Tips from The Kitchn

Pin it My daughter recently started school for the first time, and included in her welcome packet was a note that the school was nut-free. I wasn’t surprised, of course, given how many kids have nut allergies these days, but I did have to do a little research and digging to see what I could […]

Two Secrets of Good Bubble Tea — Comment of the Day

Pin it If you love boba (bubble) tea and have a hankering to make it at home, we have a cooking lesson just for you. You can see how to make bubble tea here, and also read a lot of good comments and tips from the readers. Here are two pro tips for really excellent […]

5 Habits to Help You Stay More Organized — Apartment Therapy

Pin it Have you always dreamed of being a naturally organized person? Well, it’s possible to train even the most un-organized of folks to create homes where everything’s in its place (most of the time). From Apartment Therapy → Want to Be More Organized? 5 Habits to Start & Keep Today READ MORE »

Quick-Cooked Tomato Coulis

A quick and easy puree made from fresh tomatoes, which can then be used in any recipe calling for a tomato puree. Get Recipe!

Raw Tomato Coulis

A quick and easy puree made from fresh raw tomatoes, which can then be tossed with pasta along with olive oil and basil, or spread on crusty bread and drizzled with olive oil, among other applications. Get Recipe!

Grilled Chicken and Cabbage Salad With Creamy Tahini Dressing

I’ve been trying to come up with great ways to use leftover grilled chicken breasts that mask their inherent dryness and give them new life. One of my favorites is a fresh, crunchy salad with cabbage, red onion, and a ton of fresh herbs in a tahini-based dressing. Get Recipe!

Oatmeal Coconut Raspberry Bars

A couple of weeks ago, I got to cross off something on my bucket list.  My dear friend Kristin told us earlier in the summer that she had two extra tickets to see Harry Connick Jr. at The Ravinia Festival … Continue reading → The post Oatmeal Coconut Raspberry Bars appeared first on Chew Nibble […]

A Good Tip for Cutting Brownies — Comment of the Day

Pin it Once you’ve made a sublime tray of brownies (avoiding all these common mistakes), the final thing you need is a clean, smooth cut. Here’s a good comment from today’s brownie tips post on getting the perfect cut. READ MORE »

Week 3 Winner of the Summer Tomato Instagram Contest with Staub — Week 3: August 18 – August 24

Pin it For the month of August we’ve partnered with Staub on Instagram to give away four gorgeous Dutch ovens shaped like tomatoes. That’s right, tomatoes! Today we’re announcing the winner of the third week of the contest. Want to play along for the last week? Now is the time to show us what you’ve […]

6 Space-Saving DIYs for Cramped Kitchen Counters — Apartment Therapy

Pin it Here are six accessible projects and ideas (for even the smallest of homes) that show you how to eke out even a few more feet of precious counter space — with no major renovations needed. From Apartment Therapy → Space Savers: 6 DIYs to Make the Most of Cramped Kitchen Counters READ MORE […]

Sous Vide Corn on the Cob

Cooking corn sous vide is the best route to juicy, tender-crisp kernels packed with flavor. Get Recipe!

Gluten-Free Snickerdoodles

Snickerdoodles are a holiday favorite in our house. While their cinnamon-sweetness can be appreciated at any time of year, our Christmas cookie tin is never without them. Get Recipe!

Chicken and Avocado Burritos

Today I have some tasty chicken and avocado burritos for you! They are so easy to make, you simply wrap the chicken, avocado, cheese, salsa verde, sour cream and cilantro up in a tortilla, grill it and enjoy! Just make sure to put the cheese on the top or bottom of the burrito so that […]

12 Recipes to Celebrate Summer Peppers — Recipes from The Kitchn

Ina Garten’s Spanish Tapas Peppers Pin it Open Slideshow While you can certainly find peppers in the store all year long, now is right about the time you can expect them to take over your CSA box or your garden. Once you’ve had your fill of slicing these crisp veggies into salads and eating them […]

5 Important Tips for Making Really Great Burgers — Tips from The Kitchn

Pin it In theory, making burgers is a simple process: buy your meat, shape it into a patty, season it, and toss it on the grill or stovetop to cook. But there are a few important dos and don’ts that can make the difference between a burger that’s just okay, and one that’s really great. […]

Meatless Mondays

Are you ready for a Meatless Monday? The idea is to eat one meal a week without meat. Now don't get me wrong I could never give up things like BACON, steaks, burgers, etc. but I do find that I eat a lot of meatless meals and they are just as tasty and they are […]

5 Homemade Meals to Make Your First Semester at College — Meal Plans from The Kitchn

Pin it Cooking for yourself can be daunting at first, especially with limits on budget, equipment, and time. No need to worry, though — we’ve got a selection of easy recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that will fuel you for hours of studying (and partying!). READ MORE »

Basil Pesto

One of the best things about the summer is all of the fresh basil and one of my favourite things to do with that basil is to make pesto! Basil pesto is as easy to make and pureeing basil, garlic, pine-nuts, parmesan, olive oil and lemon juice in a food processor so there's really no […]

We're Moving Up! Take the Tour of AT Media's New Office Space. — Office Renovation

Pin it Dear readers, we’re moving on up! In a little over a month our New York team is moving to a whole new, shiny office that we’re currently in the process of renovating. Want to take a look? We took a short video on Periscope this afternoon to give you an update on how […]

Bulgogi Scallion Pancake-adillas

Tacos are tasty, but this Korean spin on quesadillas is even better. First, we ditch boring tortillas for savory scallion pancakes, and then we load them up with two types of cheese and heaps of spicy-sweet bulgogi beef. With all of that melted cheese, flaky pancake, and marinated steak, these bulgogi scallion pancake-adillas are impossible […]

Peach and Tequila Frozen Blended Cocktail

Ripe peaches and tangy pineapples give this chilly tequila cocktail a fruity sweetness, balanced by the herbal, earthy notes from blanco tequila and Suze, a delicately bitter French aperitif. Get Recipe!

Peachy Rum and Coconut Frozen Blended Cocktail

This rich and creamy frozen peach cocktail has a lot of spice from Angostura bitters and two kinds of rum. The dark rum float is an added boozy bonus, but if you’d like to keep the drink light, leave it off. Get Recipe!

Improve Any Floral Arrangement with This 2-Minute Trick — Apartment Therapy

Pin it From Apartment Therapy → An Easy 2 Minute Trick to Up the Ante on Any Arrangement READ MORE »

Provençal Tian (Eggplant, Zucchini, Squash, and Tomato Casserole)

At the end of the movie Ratatouille, Remy the rat creates a beautiful reinterpretation of a classic ratatouille. Only problem: It’s not a ratatouille at all. It’s a tian, and they’ve been making it in Provence for generations. This version features thinly sliced zucchini, summer squash, and eggplant, along with a simple tomato sauce. Get […]

Super-Simple Tangy Buttermilk Coleslaw

This is one of the easiest recipes I’ve ever published. No big secret techniques, no strange ingredients, in fact, without counting salt and pepper, you only need seven extra things from the supermarket aside from the buttermilk you probably already have in your fridge and been wondering how to use up. Get Recipe!

Greek Goddess Grain Bowl with Fried Zucchini, Halloumi and Toasted Seeds

When I came across this recipe for a Greek goddess grain bowl with fried zucchini, halloumi and toasted seeds on Half Baked Harvest I knew that I just had to make it, I mean it has so many of my favourite Greek/Mediterranean flavours in it! This recipe includes plenty of tasty ingredients but the stars […]

Spiralized Italian Pasta Salad

Zucchini noodles seem to be all the rage right now and spiralizers are moving from a fancy garnish tool to an everyday kitchen gadget. My friends at OXO asked me to try out their new Hand Held Spiralizer, and of … Continue reading → The post Spiralized Italian Pasta Salad appeared first on Chew Nibble […]